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Shit, is Levi pimpin'? How the hell does that man get so many women to obey his every order like that.

That was beautiful ;_;
That Egoraptor had such grace and form with his dolls...

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Thought I'd have an easy time just because I could play Touhou on Lunatic, but NOPE!
Strangely addictive, and for some reason I smiled the whole time XD
Didn't get mad once!

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I think the roughest part of this arrangement is the first 50 seconds. It seems to meld together a bunch of ideas and styles that don't really mesh well together in my opinion, and the tempo being all over the place gives the impression that the ideas were executed first without really giving any thought as to whether or not they would work as one unit.

But once it hit the 1 minute mark, your trademark metal style REALLY started to shine through, and the song started to feel a lot more complete as a whole. Once the tone had been established firmly at that minute, the rest of the song became much more cohesive in terms of style. The piano finish was a nice touch, but I feel like as an intro, it doesn't really help the listener come to grips with how the rest of the song is about to present itself. Going in, I expected a softer piano take on Falling Down only to be greeted with hard hitting sounds at about 30 seconds that didn't mesh well with the wonderful piano piece that the song started off so strongly with. However, the mastering and the drums, particularly at around 2 minutes really get me jammin'. Overall, I think very highly of your take on this song despite some criticisms I've laid out. It's very clear you had something in mind, and did everything you could to bring it to life. In that respect, I believe you succeeded.

It's incredibly difficult to make a Touhou medley, because there are just SOOOOOO many excellent pieces of music to choose from! While the selection was more or less the most popular songs of the series, that in of itself isn't inherently a bad thing. I think you utilized each song rather well and effectively. The skill behind the execution was something to behold.

L-Mity responds:

Bigg Thanks! I hope u like dis one!

Huh. I've been working on this exact theme for like the past year and a half. Never thought I'd be able to hear your take on it!

Barzoom responds:

I'm blushing! Great minds think alike haha :D.

I definitely wanna re-mix it completely though! Sounds too mumbled.

Thank you for the kind words as always.

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I'm not sure if this will make any sense, but this picture feels almost like Newgrounds personified, y'know? I'm almost 90% sure it has to do with the landscape and the giant rock structures with mysterious green cores.

I really enjoy the questions I have to ask myself while looking at this. I love pieces of art that just make my imagination go wild, especially since I'm a lore nerd. I easily imagine asking myself about the history of how an object that size was devastated in such a way, or exactly what the glowing green center is, so on and so forth.

MLeth responds:

That's the kind of response I love to recieve when I make concept art like this! I do have the answers to your questions but mystery is sometimes more fun than the facts :')

Easily my favorite character in Overwatch. This portrait does Mercy justice (rains from above).

Slay me for making that joke.

My Goal: Remastering older video game tracks to sound new, fresh, and authentic to my style. I mainly do Touhou tracks, because they just fit my style the best. The series I cover most often after Touhou would be Castlevania, since I enjoy its music.

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