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My Goal: Remastering older video game tracks to sound new, fresh, and authentic to my style. I mainly do Touhou tracks, because they just fit my style the best. The series I cover most often after Touhou would be Castlevania, since I enjoy its music.

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Posted by MeisterMach5 - June 22nd, 2016

As the title says, I'm gonna be posting a few Vanilla arrangements, which means don't expect anything too crazy or special. I'm mostly just testing the waters with the synth instruments I've worked on, so tell me what you guys think about them and I'll see if I can do something with them!

Posted by MeisterMach5 - March 13th, 2016

Since I'm back a day early, I'm going to be posting things slightly earlier than scheduled, so enjoy!


There's also a few new descriptors I'm going to be using in my descriptions which well... describe the song's level of arrangement. The types consist as follows:

Vanilla - Very little to no changes to the song's structure and arrangment.

Light - Small to medium changes. The song stucture has been changed enough to be considered a rearrangement.

Heavy - Extreme amounts of change, ranging from the entire song being rearranged from the ground up, or multiple songs have been incorporated into one song (more on that later, when I upload Mima's Castle, which I will keep a secret on which two songs have been mashed together. I will say that it is Castlevania and Touhou, so go crazy with theories).

Posted by MeisterMach5 - March 11th, 2016

I'm going away for a bit this weekend. I won't be able to post EVERYTHING that I want to post, so for now, I'll get the ones I want most up and running and let you guys enjoy those for a bit. When I return on Monday, things should be running back to how they used to be. Either that, or I can just go absolute apeshit Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday uploading everything.

Checking the time, I may have to do that second option.

Posted by MeisterMach5 - March 9th, 2016

Border of Fate is going to be returning this March, 2016. After finally overcoming my massive artist's block, I've thought of hundreds of ideas for arranges, remixes, and possibly some original things as well (but those will be set outside of Border of Fate). For now, I'm going to be unveiling three songs for your listening endeavors. Some of these I am considering to be my best work. But it doesn't stop there! No, far from it! Border of Fate is going to get overloaded and swarmed with these works, all of which I am aiming for the supreme highest of quality. If you remember some top-notch tracks I made last year, like Dimension of Daydreams, then you know exactly what to be expecting in terms of instrumental style. I've been doing this for some time, but I've decided to take it even further and hand craft nearly EVERY instrument and synth you'll be hearing. This has been the core reason for my absence this 2016. The only exception to this rule is my drum kits. I will forever be using the default midi drum-kit that FL Studio comes with. I prefer it over everything else since it has the most POP and its clarity is fantastic. It doesn't drown out any of the other instruments.

Well, until Border of Fate officially is back, I'm going to be fine-tuning a few songs and preparing them for arrival. Some of them are songs from Mystic Square, and one of them may belong to a very special nuclear bird...

Posted by MeisterMach5 - December 10th, 2015

A rew months back, remember how I said I was going to return with a huge spam of music? Well here it is: the end of the year Border of Fate specials. These songs will be closing out Border of Fate for this year, and I'll be uploading them around once to twice a week until January 1st of 2016, when I begin working on a new series of arrangements that isn't Touhou! You'll just have to wait and find out what exactly said series is!

The first of many songs is going to be posted approx. 9:15 PM Central Time.

Posted by MeisterMach5 - June 8th, 2015

So after taking a break from NG for some time, I'm about to return with a massive spam of music. I'm going to finish my Border of Fate playlist which, by the middle of summer, should have at least 15 Touhou rearranges, remixes and covers. When I'm not making music, I will more than likely be streaming on Twitch (link to my Twitch in the obvious section). If you guys wanna watch me mess up on playing video games, feel free to come watch! I'll probably be playing Castlevania: Circle of the Moon for a while.

I want to make something like Scarlet Fangs again, but sadly, the reason why you haven't heard any of the instruments featured in said song featured in any songs in 2015 is because FL Studio somehow took away my privileges to use the instruments. So because of that, you won't be hearing anything orchestral until I manage to swindle, err... regain the orchestral plugins. If anyone knows a fix for this, I would be much obliged if you told me what the fix is.

Posted by MeisterMach5 - December 25th, 2014

I wanted to reflect on what I've done this year. That means, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The Good:

This is what I'm all about, so this song is very special to me.

The Bad:

I had a pretty neat idea. Too bad I sucked ass at executing it. The guitar is just... indescribably bad.

The Ugly:

If you've heard this song, you already know what's wrong with it: EVERYTHING! How this song got even one star is beyond me, but it's got three as of now. I want people to at least leave reviews telling me it sucks but no! People rate it three stars and leave! Or worse, the give me a review and then they forget to rate it bad!

The Best of 2014:

HOLY HOPPING SHIT, HOW IN THE DICK DID THIS GET SO POPULAR?! I posted this way back at pretty much the start of the year! Over the course of several months the plays and downloads of this song skyrocketed to nearly 600! WTF! The scary thing though is that number keeps growing AND I DON'T KNOW WHY!

Posted by MeisterMach5 - April 23rd, 2014

Here's how I am going to run my layout, starting after today. I don't want to go back and manually change every single song I've published just to fit this procedure (like I even can, pfft). This is for my sake and yours, so we can both better understand what is right in front of us. Plus, I like things to be nice and orderly :D


I use [ ] to indicate if a song is a remix/remaster/rearrange. When the song title has no brackets, it is a song that I made, and not a rearrange.


[Scarlet Fangs] - ZUN

Insertion - Me


If there is a *, it is a reattempt at a song. [Scarlet Fangs] would be one such song, but I cannot change a song's name after it has been published, so I guess it's gonna have to stay that way... *sigh* (unless someone PM's me a way to change it, that is)


[Scarlet Fangs]*

Here I used both [ ] and * to indicate that it is rearrange and a reattempt.


When I use ( ), it is a remix/remaster/rearrange of a song I have made. As of now, there are none. I'm probably going to fix that. Probably.




Put any and all song requests here, and I'll see what I can do. I would appreciate it if everyone followed this format, since it'll make my life much easier, as well as yours :D

[Song Name]

[Game Song is From]


*[Optional link for me to listen to it]*

Posted by MeisterMach5 - April 12th, 2014

From now on, I've decided to do remixes, instead of original songs. Why? Well listen to my songs, and there's your answer: I suck at making my own songs (at least until I understand music theory better). Instead, I decided to improve or remaster some of my favorite songs from around the world of gaming, and see what I can create. I've always loved listening to remixes and remasters because it's interesting to hear what several different people can create using the same notes.

Ever heard of a man named Jorge Fuentes, or maybe a guy on YouTube that goes by the alias of Hertzdevil?

I'm trying to do what they do so well, although my remixes/remasterings are more towards what Fuentes does.